Ice Falls

Today I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon showing 450 acres of raw, wild beauty.  My favorite part was following along beside the Blackburn Fork River.  Along one portion of the river, we saw these beautiful icicles forming frozen waterfalls off the bluffs. 


For those of you "not from 'round here", the Blackburn Fork River flows into the Roaring River, which flows into the Cumberland River.  It's really a beautiful drive to pick up along the Blackburn Fork River in Putnam county and follow the river system through isolated country side until in joins the Cumberland River in Jackson County.  If you want a beautiful Sunday drive, I highly recommend it.

You know people are sometimes suprised that I get out and work property like this, but the truth is, I love to show this type of property every bit as much as a house.  I've been an avid hiker all my life, and I love to get out of the office and explore a piece of raw land. I think there's a bit of excitement in finding out what's around the next bend or over the next ridge.  Today we saw some wild turkey, a pair of red tail hawks, and a whole school of small mouth bass.  Pure Bliss!

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