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Free Cookeville Foreclosure List - Why Paid foreclosure sites are a rip-off! 
Written By: Virginia Kail, real estate agent Cookeville

Free Cookeville Foreclosure List - Why Paid foreclosure sites are a rip-off!

There, I said it.  If you do a search for "Cookeville foreclosures" on Google, tons of websites come up that promise you access to the newest foreclosures in the area.  Of course, you only have to click through a couple of them to see that you have to pay to actually see the list.  There are a couple of problems with this:

1. If you develop a relationship with an awesome real estate agent, then you can get the list for free.  What's more, you can get new foreclosure listings e-mailed to you immediately so that you are the first to know when a new foreclosure is listed.  How do you develop a relationship with an awesome agent?  Call or e-mail me, and tell me you are interested in purchasing foreclosed properties.  I'll be happy to get you set up to receive the info.

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2. The other huge problem with these "foreclosure" websites is that they are horribly out of date.  You pay your money to gain access to the listings, and discover that many of them sold 6 months ago.  I can't tell you how often I get a call about one of my foreclosure listings that's already sold. The person on the other end says, "But website ABC shows it as available".  That's because website ABC doesn't update their site very often, and if they did, the list wouldn't be very exciting.

The bottom line is that most foreclosure websites are a rip-off. They are offering to sell you outdated information that a good agent could provide you for free.  If you've been wondering how to get a free foreclosure list, now you know.

One last thing: I provide world class customer service for my clients. If you want the most current foreclosure list, I'm happy to provide it to you. Not only that, I can set you up to receive new foreclosures each day so that you are always the first to know.  All I ask in exchange for this information is that you work with me when you purchase.  If you plan to work with a different agent, then please contact them to provide you information. As you can imagine, it's not much fun to do all the work for someone else.

Request foreclosure info now!


Virginia Kail, real estate agent Cookeville TN



Cookeville TN native. A full time, full service agent for the entire Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

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Buying a Cookeville Foreclosure - Things you Should Know.

By now everyone has heard about what a great deal you can get on a foreclosure.  That's definitely true, but there's a lot you should know before you decide to buy a one.  Buying a foreclosure is not like buying a regular house; it's another animal entirely.  As a Cookeville foreclosure expert, I've seen some bizarre things! I've also seen people get a house with some impressive built in equity. You just have to know what you are doing, and proceed with caution.


1. Every bank is different. They all have different requirements and different marketing strategies. Some banks take bids for so many days; while others list the property just like a regular house. Some banks will not let investors bid for the first 15 days. 

2. All banks require that you sign their addendums. The bank addendum supersedes anything in the original contract.  It's not fair, but if you want to buy a house at a bargain, it's part of the price you pay. Read this form carefully, and make sure you can live with the terms.

3. All banks require a pre-qualification letter. This is not optional. The bank will not even look at an offer from you unless a pre-qualification letter is attached.  Banks often differ on how the letter must be worded, and some banks even require that you pre-qualify through them before bidding. Cash buyers must show proof of funds to submit an offer.

4. Almost all foreclosures are sold as is.  Does that mean you can't have a home inspection?  Not at all.  In fact, I strongly recommend that you do have a home inspection.  If the home inspection reveals a defect that you can't live with, then you can cancel the contract.  You can't ask the bank to make repairs. (Well, you could...but they would say No.)

sign of the times

5. During the winter, foreclosures are winterized.  If you plan to have a home inspection, it will be your responsibility to pay a plumber to de-winterize the home for inspection, and then re-winterize afterward. You may also be required to have the water put in your name for the inspection. This varies by bank. Some banks require the listing agent to turn the water on, others don't.

6. It's not a bad idea to have a survey.  Foreclosures can sometimes have easement issues. In fact, most of the easement issues I've seen have been on foreclosures.

7. You must close on time.  Banks do not like delays in closing, and many charge $50-$100 per day for every day that closing is delayed.  This is where it becomes crucial to have a really good real estate agent, and a really good loan officer.

8. At the closing table, the attorney will ask if you want title insurance. If you are buying a foreclosure, I encourage you to buy the title insurance.

9. Work with an agent experienced in helping people buy foreclosures.  I know that new agents have to start somewhere, but a foreclosure isn't it. This is one deal that you want handled by someone who knows and understands the process.

These are just some of the basics you need to know about buying a Cookeville foreclosure. There is currently a large selection of foreclosures for sale in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. If you would like to buy a foreclosure in the area, contact me for a free foreclosure list. I service the following counties: Putnam, Overton, White, and Jackson.


Virginia Kail


Cookeville TN native. A full time, full service agent for the entire Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

931-260-4729 cell

American Way Real Estate Co.

931-526-9581 Office phone, 931-528-6569 Office Fax


Cookeville real estate