Artist Spotlight

As some of you may know, I used to work as a full time glass artist.  Now I am generally so  busy with real estate, that my lampworking has become more of a hobby.  The nice thing about having worked as a full time artist was getting to know the other artisans in the area.  As a former member of TACA (Tennessee Association of Craft Artists), I have a deep appreciation of hand crafted things.  I think society as a whole is loosing touch with the concept of "hand crafted", and it truly is a loss, as nothing mass produced in some other country will ever match the craftsmanship and beauty of something artisan made.  In an ongoing effort to support our local artists, I like to feature them here on my blog from time to time.

So, tonight I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful blacksmith/artist named Stiv Mackey.  Stiv produces a huge variety of metalworked items, ranging from whimsical garden figures, to beautiful custom items for your home.  Aside from producing amazing work, you'll find that Stiv is a fascinating guy to chat with.  If you have a chance to talk with him at an art show, I would highly encourage you to do so.  I've included a picture of one of Stiv's whimsical little frogs below, but there is so much more to see at his website:

"Frog Sinatra"

Seriously, could you really walk past this little guy without smiling?  Absolutely Adorable!

PS:  Remember, buying locally keeps money in our community. Support your local artists!

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