The Blessings of Being a Realtor®

The Blessings of Being a Realtor®

Just a few moments ago, and e-mail popped up in my in-box from a proud father. He was helping his daughter and future son-in-law look for a house.  His e-mail got me thinking about how blessed Realtors® really are.  Do you realize that we have the honor of being a part of the biggest moments in people's lives?

We help newlyweds purchase their first home. That's one of the biggest steps in a person's life. What an honor to be a part of it. 


We help new parents move up to a bigger home, and in the process, get to meet the new family member. How cool is it to help someone choose the perfect home to raise their children? This is where some of the most cherished memories will be made.


Sometimes we help families move up into the big, beautiful home of their dreams. Perhaps that big promotion finally came through, or the business that person built has really taken off. This is a happy time and it's always a pleasure to help someone celebrate their success.

We help someone relocating for a job to settle in to our community. This can be a scary time, and we are charged with making that transition a little bit easier. Knowledge and dedication can help to make that scary time blossom into hope for a bright new future.

We help the newly divorced to close a chapter in their lives and move on.

We help the empty nester say goodbye to that large family home, and downsize into something more suitable. It's a bittersweet time for most people. It's a touching experience to be the Realtor® who makes that journey with someone.

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Sometimes we take the saddest walk of all with people. We help people who have just said goodbye to someone they loved. It's a painful and difficult time, and sometimes you cry right along with the client. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's always an honor to help someone get through the hardest moments in their lives.

Perhaps the biggest blessing of all is helping people through many such chapters of their lives. We become the family Realtor®, and sometimes service many generations of the same family. I wonder how many other professions are blessed with being such a part of people's lives?



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