Cookeville Homes with Acreage - The Dry Creek Meadows Neighborhood

Cookeville Homes with Acreage - The Dry Creek Meadows Neighborhood

I frequently work with buyers who want to purchase a home in the Cookeville area with acreage. Now, there's a very important fact you should know if you are going to look at Cookeville homes with acreage.  Here in our area, anything outside of the city limits is generally UNRESTRICTED.  This comes as a big surprise to buyers who aren't from the area, and it's an important factor to consider when searching for a home with acreage. Just to clarify, unrestricted means that there are no zoning regulations of any kind outside of city limits. Your neighbor can build or keep anything they like on their property.

If you aren't comfortable with the lack of restrictions, then it might be best to consider a neighborhood where all the homes have acreage.  There are not a lot of these types of neighborhoods in the area, but I plan to blog about each and every one of them. The first neighborhood I'm going to talk about is the Dry Creek Meadows neighborhood.

Dry Creek Meadow

The Dry Creek Meadows neighborhood is particularly dear to my heart because it's where I live. I absolutely love it here, and so do all my neighbors.  Dry Creek Meadows is located about 8 miles from the courthouse in town, and is at the very edge of Putnam county.  There are 35 homes in the neighborhood, and they all have acreage.  Many of the homes are tucked far back in the woods, and aren't visible from the roads that run through the neighborhood.

Dry Creek Meadows

There are restrictions in this neighborhood to help preserve property values and give you piece of mind. However, it is a country neighborhood and animals are permitted. For example, you can have horses in Dry Creek Meadows.  Many of the homes here have barns, workshops, studios, or other outbuildings. Here's one of the neighborhood barns wearing a coat of fresh snow.

Dry Creek Meadow Barn

The neighborhood consists of two roads, Timber Trail and Dry Creek Rd.  Timber Trail is a U-shape, and Dry Creek Rd runs through the center. Because of the way the roads are arranged, this is a great neighborhood to go walking in. The scenery is beautiful, and wildlife abundant. Creeks meander through the neighborhood, and there are numerous ponds such as this one:

Dry Creek Meadows pond

Most of the residents of Dry Creek Meadows have lived here for many years. They have an appreciation for wildlife, and also privacy.  Despite the fact that most homes are tucked away in the woods and private, you will still have the opportunity to meet your neighbors if you decide to call this neighborhood home.  Each summer there is a neighborhood picnic and many of the residents attend. I can also tell you that many of them are very good cooks!  :) 

cookeville acreage for saleOf course, because people love it here so much, there are rarely homes for sale. Currently there are two homes with acreage for sale, and three building lots are still available. Here's a picture of one of the lots that is currently available. It is listed with my company and has 7.38 acres for $68,000.

Here's a picture of one of the new homes just built in the neighborhood this year.

Dry Creek Meadows new house

With only 3 building lots left for sale in the neighborhood, there aren't many chances left to call Dry Creek Meadows home.

I will leave you with a picture of my favorite home in the neighborhood. (No, it's not mine.)

Dry Creek Meadows Tudor style home


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