Paid foreclosure websites are a rip-off!

There, I said it.  If you do a search for "Cookeville foreclosures" on Google, tons of websites come up that promise you access to the newest foreclosures in the area.  Of course, you only have to click through a couple of them to see that you have to pay to actually see the list.  There are a couple of problems with this:

1. If you develop a relationship with an awesome real estate agent (like me), then you can get the list for free.  What's more, you can get new foreclosure listings e-mailed to you immediately so that you are the first to know when a new foreclosure is listed.  How do you develop a relationship with an awesome agent like me?  Call or e-mail me, and tell me you are interested in purchasing foreclosed properties.  I'll be happy to set you up with access to them, as long as you call on me to assist you with the actual purchase. It's really that simple.

2. The other huge problem with these "foreclosure" websites is that they are horribly out of date.  You pay your money to gain access to the listings, and discover that many of them sold 6 months ago.  I can't tell you how often I get a call about one of my foreclosure listings that's already sold. The person on the other end says, "But website ABC shows it as available".  That's because website ABC doesn't update their site very often, and if they did, the list wouldn't be very exciting.

The bottom line is that most foreclosure websites are a rip-off. They are offering to sell you outdated information that a good agent could provide you for free.  If you've been wondering how to get a free foreclosure list, now you know.

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