Where are all the Cookeville condos?

One of the questions I hear the most from retirees relocating to Cookeville, TNis, "Where are all the condominiums"?  Apparently condos are the norm for many retirees from larger cities. They definitely are not the norm here on the Cumberland plateau.  We have just a handful of condo units available. In fact, the few condo developments we have are a fairly new thing for the area. I personally think the ones we have were inspired by people who retired to this area from another state.

The closest I can come to explaining the lack of condominiums in our area is best summed up in the words "Independence".  Folks here in Tennessee like their space, and most can't imagine living in houses that are "right on top of each other".  Many native Tennesseans who are of retirement age still put out huge gardens each year. They have worked the land most of their lives, and they aren't giving it up just because they have officially "retired".  So, I guess what I'm saying is that it's a cultural thing.  Most folks round these parts like a bit of elbow room.  :)

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