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Building an All American Home and Rebuilding a Nation

Building an All American Home and Rebuilding a Nation

Sometimes you come across a concept that's so brilliant, you are absolutely obligated to share it with as many people as possible. With the American economy in shambles, this is an idea who's time has come.

Builders would be crazy not to embrace this.  This is a fantastic selling feature. Build an All American Home in a great floor plan, and I can sell them over the competition all day long.  Don't forget that the American consumer is hurting too.  Almost everybody knows somebody who doesn't have a job. Give a home buyer the choice between this and a home made with "stuff" from China, and guess which one they'll choose.

As agents, we should make sure every builder we work with knows about this concept.  Send them a link for the video, and send them a link of the Made in AmericanSupply List.  This is something that will directly impact our industry, create desperately needed American jobs, and a better end product for our clients.

There's so much more information available on the website: www.theallamericanhome.com

You can also show them some love on Facebook by clicking here: www.facebook.com/TheAllAmericanHome

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