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Mouth Works Great; Ears are Broken

Mouth Works Great; Ears are Broken

I'd been showing them houses for a couple of days when the wife suddenly turned to me and said, "I've just realized that the reason you are so quiet is because you are listening so intently to what I'm saying."   She was exactly right.

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To do my job really well, I have to listen really well. My clients are making life changing decisions. They are telling me about their needs, hopes, and dreams. That means my ears are turned up on high, so that I can figure out how to best be of service to them.  I always hope that clients don't mistake my quietness for anything other than complete focus on them. I also often take notes.

Nothing says I'm not paying attention like asking someone a question they've already answered.


The same holds true with my fellow business professionals. I listen very intently. After all, we are negotiating a deal. Yet, I often find myself in a one-sided conversation.  Some real estate agents talk and talk, and talk some more. Then they tell you how great it was to talk to you and start to hang up the phone.  On more than one occasion in the past month, I've found myself shouting "Wait just a minute!"  or "Hang on, I have a couple more things to tell you!" 

Some people should wear a sign that says:

Mouth works great but ears are broken.

They've taken my silence to mean that I have nothing to say. In fact, I'm waiting for them to take a breath. (Aren't people supposed to need oxygen?) I'm trying to be polite, and I'm waiting for my turn to speak.  It's not a conversation unless both people take turns speaking. 

 Maybe they should start their day out by making sure their ears work as well as their mouths do.


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